ciclo is a system for creating space divisions for different purposes in a single room.
The basic idea is to create closed or open individual or collective spaces.The elements can be composed in countless ways,and because they are so easy to assemble,the environments can be changed or moved in just a few minutes.
All of the components are light-weight and children themselves can modify the spaces they wish to create. The elements are flat panels:with 1 cubic meter of unassembled components,you can
create 70 square meters of furnished space.
The panels and columns are mounted using joints and the openings in the panels serve to support bamboo or wooden poles,screens or curtains.
Ciclo is made up of plywood column panels,fabric screen or curtain elements,overhead coverings. The accessories are:horizontal surfaces,which can be a desk/table,bench/seat or bed (with a futon),wood or bamboo poles,hanging shelves,hooks,screens.The possibiities for composing the different elements and materials allows you to create virtually any type of space.For example,in a school setting, you can set up an area for hanging up coats and leaving shoes,an area for sleeping, for drawing, for talking and listening to stories,for putting on plays... by inventing individual and collective spaces,mixing materials,components,shapes,lights and colors.

production totem 2000

solid wood      

children's furniture:


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from mobler & miljo
n.5 - may 01

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