apollo 12

This piece of furniture is for both playing and resting, made from a transformable structure in solid wood and plywood and various accessories.
A12 expresses the synthesis of Totem’s design philosophy in children’s furnishings developed over the past few years.
A12 was conceived of as a single unit but it can also be used with other units if used in a school setting.
A12 is first and foremost a playhouse: two spaces—one above, and one below—which can be open or closed. The upper part can be accessed by a ladder/slide which can also be moved or removed. The sides can be closed using: fixed fabric panels or sliding curtains in colorful jute fabric or slotted plywood panels/grilles. Hooks, containers and shelves can be hung- inside or outside- on the panels. The lower space can be closed using curtains or house two large containers on wheels.

production totem 2003

solid wood      

children's furniture:

apollo 12

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          from CASA AMICA june 2003    

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